* Everyone dreams of a Home!
* Are you really getting the value for the money you pay for your Dream Home from your builder?
* Plan with HomePlanGuru & get high quality Home at lower cost.
* This is a new concept in India!! Read all our FAQs here to understand how we think from a customer side.
* A Happy Family lives in a Happy Home.*
*A Happy Home is Comfortable, Safe, Futuristic, Energy Efficient, …..


1. How does HomePlanGuru help the customer?
Here is a representation of our process:
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2. Why do I need HomePlanGuru services?

Don’t pay for a Horse and get a donkey though they both look alike. How do you know which is ‘donkey’ and which is ‘horse’? HomePlanGuru helps you identify this through proper planning and detailed agreement.
3. Why do I need a 3D Plan when my builder provides the 2D Plan (i.e. Floor Plan)?
Which is easier for you to understand from the below diagrams, 2D or 3D?
This will answer your question.
a) This is the kind of 2D Plan given by builder:
b) This is the kind of 2D Plan (from 3D plan) given by HomePlanGuru :
4. How is HomePlanGuru different from Local Architect?
The following comparison may explain how we are different from a local Architect: